Feel More Relaxed as You Run

Listen to this guided meditation and you'll run with greater ease.

  • Relax Your Mind and build situational awareness.
  • Run Faster when your muscles aren't holding tension.
  • Breathe slower and have more energy on your run.

You can have it all for free when you download the recording.

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A Guided Meditation for Relaxed Running

  • Relax Your Mind, slow your breathing, and build awareness.
  • Run Faster when your muscles aren't holding tension.
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Raves from Athletes Like You

" I applied giving myself permission to rest to a 30 mile bike ride... shaved 5 minutes off my time and I wasn’t huffing or puffing!"

- Cindy Klenk
Carbondale, PA

"I'm less reactive, a better listener and notice more of the world around me."

- Katie Stadler
Alexandria, VA

"I feel less anxiety & overwhelm. My senses are heightened and I see beauty all around me.” 

- Jenn Taylor
Palm Coast, FL

Meet Berni

Berni Kozlowski is a former triathlete and a certified meditation teacher who works with athletes like you to help you perform better and find more ease in your busy days. The skills of meditation are easy to learn and start using right away.

The ability to take time for yourself, even in short spurts, can make you more patient with yourself and others. The emotional resilience you'll gain will make you more responsive and less reactive to life's challenges.

Berni found meditation after going through a period of intense grief and health issues from adrenaline overload. Meditation helped her to be with her emotions, deal with racing thoughts, and find more joy in life again.

With a master's degree in Biology and 25 years in a traditional classroom, Berni brings a light hearted approach that will put you right at ease, no matter your experience level.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Berni spends her free time hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.