Modern Meditation for Greater Resilience

For School Faculty

Weekly Sessions

Via Zoom

  • Stay Profoundly Calm in the Face of Overwhelm
  • Reduce Stress and Stay Healthy
  • Be More Responsive and Less Reactive

Be a Better Teacher!

Enjoy Teaching Again

Learn to quickly and effectively bring calm to your day, even if you have a racing mind and little spare time. You'll enjoy teaching more when you improve your energy levels, mental clarity, and emotional resilience.

Avoid Losing Your Sh*t

You'll stay calmer in chaos with greater emotional resilience as you more readily adapt to adversity. When you rebound much faster from life's challenges, your sense of calm permeates your classroom as well as your home life.

Make Your Room a Sanctuary

It's critical that you model calm before you start sharing these tools in your classroom. You will start each session learning new skills and techniques focusing on YOUR practice and well-being.

Session Details

A Body Scan Meditation

Tuesday, January 25th

Resiliency through greater self-awareness starts with getting out of your head and into your body. Reduce the impacts of stress by learning to be more present in your body, leading to greater health & resilience.

A Tea or Coffee Meditation

Tuesday, March 1

Bring your favorite beverage & learn how being truly present to an everyday activity can help you start your day off on the right foot. You'll learn to use all of your senses in this delightful exercise.

Building Emotional Resilience

Tuesday, March 29

Resilience through greater self-awareness starts with learning to allow emotions to move through you instead of getting stuck. Learn a three-step meditation to help you improve your ability to rebound.

A Meditation on Trees

Tuesday, May 3

Learn how to open your senses in the presence of trees. Nature meditations are an easy way to reduce stress! Connecting with nature will leave you feeling more grounded, centered, refreshed and ready to go.

Breathing with Greater Ease

Tuesday, May 31

Mindfully slowing your breathing can lead to higher energy levels, mental clarity, and emotional stability. Learn easy breathing techniques that can quickly and effectively bring calm to your day.

The Magic of One Minute Meditations

Tuesday, February 8th

Self-care starts when you give yourself permission to rest. Use these one-minute meditations to interrupt the hamster wheel you are on to make you feel like you have more time in your day. Learn easy and practical exercises that can bring more calm to the craziness!

A Salute to the Senses

Tuesday, March 15

Practicing opening your senses is a basic meditation skill and easy to incorporate into your day. The more you pay attention to your senses the richer your days become and the more delight you find around you.

The Power of the Pause

Tuesday, April 12

Mindfully pausing can help you calm your nervous system and be more present to life while being more responsive and less reactive to challenges. Learn practical ways to pause in short spurts.

Qualities of Attention

Tuesday, May 17

There are many ways to pay attention during meditation and as you move through your day. Learn to cultivate curiosity, joy, and wonder in your practice and watch it spill over into your teaching and your personal life.

A Meditation on Integrity

Tuesday, June 14th

When you align your meditation practice around your deepest instincts to be fully alive, you invite greater joy into your life. Learn to be responsible for your own well being by using meditation to spend time with what you love.

Teacher Raves

"I now bring meditation into my classroom one minute at a time. My students’ reaction has been so positive. This daily minute opens and closes our time together and they never let me forget!"

- Marny Hyde, Tunkhannock School District, PA

"The meditation session was fantastic. I was able to let go and relax and had the best night of sleep I’ve had in a long time."

- Suzanne McClung, Lakewood School District, Denver, CO

"Tears welled up in my eyes the first time I said "I give myself permission to rest." What a concept for educators. We aren't use to putting ourselves at the top of any lists."

- Denise Yassine, Congressional School, Falls Church, VA


We've got A's for your Q's

What will a typical class look like?

The first 10 minutes or so will cover teaching points. Then there will be about 15 minutes of skill practice and a longer guided meditation. The last 5 minutes will be for questions or reflections.

What if I can't be there the whole class?

As a former teacher, I understand how hectic your days can be! It's totally OK if you have to arrive late or leave early, just pop in!

Do I need to sit cross-legged?

You can be in a chair or lying on the floor or walking, chilling in your car (parked of course), or sitting on the floor. There are no rules in this style of meditation.

What is this style of meditation all about?

This style of meditation is based on a Western approach and is rooted in an understanding of the biology of the relaxation response. It incorporates mindfulness and meditation and is taught in a way that allows you to individualize the practice.

Will I be able to meditate on my own afterwards?

During the classes, in addition to being guided through meditation, you'll practice short foundational skills that will enable you to practice on your own. Learn to adapt the techniques to suit your body, your personality, and your schedule.

What happens after I register?

You'll get a confirmation email with log-in information for Zoom We'll send you a reminder the day before each session.

Berni Has Worked With Teachers From:

  • Atlantic City School District, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Belvidere Schools, Belvidere, NJ
  • Blue Ridge School - St. George, VA
  • Brookline High School, Boston, MA
  • Buncombe County Schools, Asheville, NC
  • Carbondale Area School District, Carbondale, PA
  • Congressional School- Falls Church, VA
  • Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO
  • Forest City Schools, Forest City, PA
  • Glenelg Country School, Ellicott City, MD
  • Havre Public Schools, British Columbia, Canada
  • Jamestown Elementary, Arlington, VA
  • John Adams Academy, San Jose, CA
  • King's College Honors Program-Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • King's College Women's Basketball-Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • Lackawanna Trail School District, Factoryville, PA
  • Laurel Hill Primary, Charleston County Schools, SC
  • LeMoyne University - Syracuse, NY
  • Oley Valley Elementary, Oley, PA
  • Marywood University - Scranton, PA
  • Modern Meditation for Teachers Weekend Retreat - Orkney Springs, VA 
  • Scranton Preparatory School - Scranton, PA
  • The Siena School, Silver Spring, MD
  • St. Christopher's School, Philadelphia, PA
  • St. Gabriel's School- Dublin, Ireland
  • St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School - Alexandria, VA
  • Susquehanna Career Center - Dimock, PA
  • Tunkhannock Middle School - Tunkhannock, PA
  • University of Scranton - Scranton, PA
  • The Wright Center Graduate Medical Education Board of Directors Retreat-  Scranton, PA

By a Teacher.

For Teachers.

Berni Kozlowski

Professional Meditation Coach

Cape May County, NJ

"During my 25 years in education, I taught Biology, coached several sports, served as an advisor, and even lived in a boarding school dorm. After a period of severe grief and health issues, I discovered meditation as a tool to help me be at my very best, both professionally and personally.

I learned how to reverse the very real and devastating impact of stress through simple and easy techniques. And then I started sharing these strategies with my students.

Now, as a certified meditation instructor, I am passionate about helping teachers to restore and sustain balance in life, starting with getting over the guilt of taking a rest. With a master's degree in Biology, I bring a practical research-based approach.

In this series, I'll share the best quick-hitting practices to help you reduce stress and overwhelm. You'll be surprised that meditation doesn’t take a lot of time or discipline in order for it to “work." See you in class!"

More Raves

"Berni helped us use our senses in meditation in a way I have never experienced.  I have truly found her natural, no "one size fits all" techniques refreshing.  No rules! ."

- Gail Franko, Lackawanna Trail Elementary, Factoryville, PA

"My doctor suggested adding meditation as a way to help my extreme anxiety. I am beginning to recognize myself again.

- Kathy P, Scranton, PA."

" Not only did meditation help me cope with my emotions, I learned to share these tools with my students. Talk about a win-win situation!

- Jen Muriel, Oley Valley Elementary, Oley, PA

Meditation for Greater Resilience

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